The sneaky ways you may be wasting water

Looking for easy ways to conserve water?

Let’s agree – water conservation is a top priority in our state. In January, a drought state of emergency was proclaimed for all California counties. In May, the State put into place the Water Conservation Emergency Regulation. Today’s smart companies recognize that managing water usage is the right thing to do. But did you know that there are ways to conserve water that can save you money, labor and time?

Where could you be wasting water?

For decades, water has been seen as a free commodity, but attitudes have been changing due to increasing drought conditions. Many industries, particularly those in food & beverage production, winemaking, and manufacturing, are taking steps towards water conservation. One critical area many experts recommend you review is evaluating your sanitation and cleaning tools. This is also one of the easiest places to conserve.

Your equipment can be a water-waster!

Let’s compare performance scores of some common cleaning and sanitation equipment:

Our expert team will work with your company to guide you on the best ways to save water, improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Part of the process is knowing you have the right PSI (pounds per square inch), GPM (gallons per minute) and CU (cleaning units). We offer no-obligation no-cost consultations to help you determine the best and most cost-effective options for your business.

Ask us how we can help you reduce cleaning & sanitation water usage the smart way!

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