Cold Water Pressure Washers

Perfect for breaking up dirt and soil!

Our Most Popular Cold Water Pressure Washers

Powerful, cost effective and efficient, cold water pressure washers are ideal for removing dirt. However, if the surface you’re cleaning is mixed with oil or grease, a cold water power washer won’t clean as well as a hot water pressure washer will. As with all industrial cleaning equipment, it’s essential to choose the right equipment for the job. Every Hotsy cold water pressure washer features a 7-year Hotsy pump warranty and each one is ETL Safety Certified.

Contact us to discuss your needs and your budget and we’ll help you select the right industrial cleaning equipment and configuration.

Karcher Clean Wave Deluxe Battery-Powered Mobile Cold Water Pressure Washer

  • Zero emissions
  • Battery-powered, cordless

The emission-free HDS-E 3.5/40 BP battery powered cold water pressure washer features a lithium-ion battery that requires zero maintenance and provides 3,000 charge cycles. Saves approximately $5,000 in fuel costs annually when compared to gas-powered pressure washer usage against annual cost of electricity to fully charge the batteries Models are ETL certified to UL & CSA safety standards.

Contact us to discuss your cleaning needs and your budget and we’ll help you select the right equipment and configuration.

  • 90 minute runtime (240 in ECO setting mode)
  • Direct drive triplex crankshaft pump
  • 3.5 GPM (2.0 in ECO mode) |4000 PSI (2000 in ECO mode)
  • Lithium battery |72 volts |10 hour full charge cycles
  • EASY!Force gun with cruise control like technology – uses its own recoil force to hold the trigger down – so, no more sore hands after hours of use

Tuffy Powerload Battery-Powered Mobile Cold Water Pressure Washers

  • Zero emissions
  • Charges on standard power outlets
  • All-Electric

Designed to fit in the back of a pickup truck for maximum mobility, and delivering a full day of work on a single charge, the all-in-one Tuffy Cleaning System features adjustable pressure up to 4000 PSI and adjustable volume up to 4.0 GPM. It’s also equipped with the ability to lower pressure and water volume, a 100 gallon water tank, easy to use controls and a rugged frame, designed to fit any half ton pickup box (64”L x 48”W) for maximum mobility.

  • All-in-one cold water pressure washer system | Skid mounted aluminum industrial frame
  • 100’ low pressure fill hose and hose reel | 100’ high pressure hose and hose reel Trigger gun
  • Wand (48” length) | Quick connect nozzle set: 15°, 25°, 40° | Downstream chemical injector
  • 10 ft. charging cable with NEMA 6-20 plug, 250 volt / 15 amp
  • 12″ adaptor cable with NEMA 1-15 plug, 125 volt / 15 amp

Hotsy HD Gas Series – Gas Portable Cold Water Pressure Washers

  • Gas-powered.
  • Portable.
  • 2700–4000 PSI / 3-5 GPM flow rate.

These compact modular Hotsy cold water power washers with corrosion-resistant aluminum frames are designed for easy transition between cart and skid style, and features recoil or electric-start gas engine models. The wheels can be removed allowing for easy trailer mounting. Features fatigue-free spring-loaded trigger gun with spray wand and side handle making for easy point-and-shoot cleaning action; durable VRT3 unloader with bypass loop diverts water flow when trigger gun is not activated.

  • 2700–4000 PSI | Vanguard and Honda commercial-duty gasoline engines with 3-year warranty.
  • Heavy-duty Triplex pump comes with 7-year warranty.
  • Four, high-pressure stainless steel nozzles: 15º, 25º, 40º and a detergent nozzle.
  • Durable weld free, corrosion resistant aluminum frames.
  • Low profile handle is easy to push and pull.
  • 50 ft. wire-braided hose includes guards, couplers and swivels at both ends.

Hotsy 1700 Series – Electric Stationary Cold Water Pressure Washers

  • Electric-powered.
  • Stationary.
  • 1000–3000 PSI / 2.8-5.6 GPM flow rate.

The reliable Hotsy 1700 Series boasts a simple, yet extremely efficient design. Belt-drive motor ensures a smooth and quiet-running machine. Cast-iron pulleys offer longer belt life. Belts are easily adjusted by turning two bolts. Notched V-belts provide cooler operation. Zinc-plated, variable-pressure, dual-lance wand for remote detergent on/off. Tri-lingual labels provide operating instructions in English, Spanish and French.

  • 1000–3000 PSI | 120-575v | ph 1-3 | Hotsy Triplex Pump with 7-year warranty
  • Hot water seal kit on pump accommodates incoming water up to 145°, an important feature for food processing facilities.
  • Quick disconnect nozzles are color-coded for quick and easy changing between 15°, 25°, 40° spray nozzles.
  • 50-ft. high-pressure hose for easy maneuverability around a large working area.
  • Downstream detergent injection allows remote detergent application.

Contact us to discuss your needs and your budget and we’ll help you select the right equipment and configuration.

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