Floor Scrubber & Cleaning Machines

Industrial floor scrubbers & commercial flooring cleaning machines are a must-have for your floor maintenance program. Save time, labor costs and water with our effective floor cleaning equipment. Choose from self-powered, electric, robotic, ride-on, walk behind and stand-on machine types.

Our Most Popular Floor Scrubber & Cleaning Machines

Make cleaning floors easier with floor care equipment designed to offer effective, efficient, and powerful cleaning to any surface and are perfect for deep-cleaning, maintaining & polishing floors while also optimizing water reduction. We offer a variety of models available in stock or by custom order, with the ability to clean small areas or large warehouses up to 64K feet per hour. Available in compact, riding, walk-behind and stand-on models that give you versatility to clean any surface in any space.

Contact us to discuss your needs and your budget and we’ll help you select the right equipment and configuration.


Karcher B 40 W Bp Walk-Behind Scrubber

  • Designed with innovations to make floor scrubbing & cleaning as simple and convenient as possible.

Quiet, compact, and completely customizable for your cleaning needs. The Karcher Intelligent Key (KIK) and advanced easy operation and maintenance are among the features the B 40 W family for safety and protection for operators, machines and floors.

We carry Karcher compact scrubbers, walk-behind scrubbers and ride-on scrubbers in both cylindrical and disc styles. Your specific environment and the debris you need to clean will determine the size machine and brush style that will save you the most time, labor and money.

Contact us to discuss your needs and budget and we’ll help you select the right equipment and configuration.

  • Karcher’s Intelligent Key system (KIK) that enables you to create a unique cleaning profile, making it easier to train users and operate the scrubber.
  • 10.6 gallon fresh and recovery tank-in-tank design
  • Interchangeable modular disc or cylindrical roller scrubbing heads
  • 33.5” vacuum squeegee

Kärcher NT65/2 ECO Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner & Extractor

  • High performance, self-cleaning vacuum designed for long periods of uninterrupted operation. 

The NT 65/2 wet and dry shop vacuum cleaner & extractor includes two powerful motors, patented filter system, semi-automatic filter cleaning and large container capacity, all to provide you with constant suction power to get the job done right.

Featuring Kärcher’s exclusive Power Filter Clean system for constant high suction power and long periods of uninterrupted operation, the NT 65/2 Eco is equipped with an electronic level monitor which shuts off the suction when maximum capacity is reached during wet pick-up to prevent overflow. The clip system ensures simple and quick accessory changes.

  • Powerful, twin-motor wet & dry vacuum for professional applications.
  • Featuring semi-automatic filter clean system for constant high suction power.
  • Large on-board storage area for tool and accessory storage.
  • Integrated drain hose (oil-resistant): Easily accessible drain hose for convenient liquid disposal.
  • 110V power supply for safe site use.
  • Electronic tank level monitor

Karcher KM70/30CBPADV Compact Push Sweeper

  • Works indoors and outdoors, on floor and on carpet.
  • Easy to operate, transport & store.

Ideal for those that need to get the job done right the first time. Quiet, fast and efficient for sweeping indoors or outdoors, and on hard floor or carpet. Rely on this sweeper to make quick work of any sweeping needs with its highly productive electronic driven broom.

It also features active dust control for optimum air quality. User-friendly features such as an easy adjust broom height and an adjustable handle height make this a popular machine and easy-to-use machine.

  • Main roller brush and side brush are electrically driven, making sweeping corners very simple.
  • Main roller brush and side brush are height adjustable, making them adaptive to different surfaces.
  • Push handle adjusts to 3 different positions and folds for easy storage and transport.
  • 12V battery and corresponding charger are located onboard for convenience.
  • Easy-to-use program selector switch.
  • Excellent dust control.

Contact us to discuss your needs and your budget and we’ll help you select the right equipment and configuration.

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