Other Industrial Equipment

We carry a selection of innovative sanitizing, cleaning and monitoring equipment to support your company’s activities.

Our Most Popular Other Industrial Equipment

From Dry Ice Machines and Air Monitoring Equipment to Electrostatic Sprayers, our portfolio of innovative products is carefully chosen to compliment your company’s cleaning and sanitizing activities.

Karcher Dry Ice Cleaning Machines

  • Dry ice cleaning combines powerful cleaning performance with maximum protection of surfaces.

A new dimension of cleaning! With dry ice you can deep clean lots of materials such as metals, plastics, wood, glass or textiles with flawless results while at the same time reducing water usage.

Contact us to find out more about how dry ice blasting works and ask about the different units we carry.

  • Karcher Ice Blaster IB 15/120: one of the most powerful dry ice blasting machines on the market. Robust, powerful and excellent results.
  • Karcher IB 7/40 Adv: outstanding mobility | has a jet gun with integrated remote control | guarantees the best results with dry ice cleaning at low air pressures
  • Karcher IB 10/8 L2P: the world's first dry ice blaster with integrated dry ice production from liquid CO₂ |Perfect for short-term cleaning applications, without complicated logistics

ThinkLite Flair Air Monitoring Systems

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring technology to help maintain healthy air quality.

Combined with existing HVAC and building management systems, indoor air quality monitors are imperative to understanding the safety of the air you breathe, the efficiency of your ventilation, and the performance of your Filtration efforts.

  • Easy to read color-coded guage
  • Air quality confirmation at a glance
  • Scientifically analyzing key air quality factors that are continuously measured in real time!

ICon Air Healer

  • Innovative air purification technology helps you to guard your employees and the public – now and into the future

Time for clean and healthy air, free from bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. Purify and heal your air! Effectively retains particulates (PM), and also destroys and neutralizes harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and microorganisms.

  • Free standing high device capacity (up to 5,000 sq. ft. or 21,188 cubic feet)
  • MERV 19 - .3 Microns
  • Practically maintenance-free
  • Extremely low operating costs

Electrostatic Sprayer – Backpack 

  • Electrostatic sprayers use less disinfectant – a gallon is able to cover a much greater area as compared to other types of sprayers.    
  • Victory Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

Ideal for all areas. Differs from other disinfectant sprayers in that a positive charge is applied to the disinfectant solution as it exits the spray nozzle. These charged particles are naturally attracted to and adhere to negative-charged surfaces (most things are naturally negatively charged). Provides coverage on complex and hard to reach surfaces, and wraps around objects, so spray gets into tight cracks, crevices and areas that traditional cleaning methods can’t reach.

  • 75% faster, 65% less chemical (than a traditional hand pump sprayer)
  • Battery operated electrostatic sprayer | Full charge provides four hours of operation
  • Can be used with disinfectants like Vital Oxide (link)
  • Includes spray nozzle and hose, battery and charger
  • Removable backpack tank holds 2.25 gallons | Covers up to 23,000 square feet with each full tank
  • Adjust spray between settings of 40, 80 and 110 microns

Contact us to discuss your needs and your budget and we’ll help you select the right equipment and configuration.

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