What our customers are saying.

Exceptional service:

“Terrence Anderson has been our salesperson/service here at California Nuggets/Golden Gate Nut Company. He has provided exceptional service both in sales and service for us. If we have had any issue with our machines he has made sure to take care of everything in a timely manner and is very professional. He is great at problem solving any issues that arise. He is very courteous and knowledgeable about the machinery. It has been a pleasure working with him.”

– California Nuggets/Golden Gate Nut Company

Coming up with the best “Barrel Solution”:

“When it comes to oak barrels, Brette and tartrate build-up can detract from a wine’s flavor. We chose Hotsy Pacific because they’ve got the winery experience and knowledge we need. They worked closely with us to figure out the right equipment solutions for these problems, and even brought out the proposed equipment and demoed it right on a barrel, so we could see it in action and evaluate the results. Their after-sale service is outstanding, making sure everything is performing as promised. They really are there for us whenever we need them.”

– Cline Family Cellars

Keeping the Fleet Clean:

“As a truck driver Hotsy products have been a great way to take care of my truck. After steam cleaning my truck I use the Aluminum Brightener and that works amazing on all my aluminum. The company I work for uses Hotsy products for their fleet of 800 trucks and they couldn’t be happier. Thanks Hotsy for all your support and your knowledgeable staff and great products.” 

– R. Threadgill

A Cleaning Solution that Saved A Lot of Money:

“Daily cleaning failed to eliminate the buildup on our filler head conveyor, costing us in breakage and labor. Hotsy Pacific really impressed us because of their solution-focused approach. They suggested we rent the recommended equipment for a day as ‘proof of concept’, along with training on how to use it effectively. Their machine provided the same cleaning power as the 5 low cost pressure washers we had been using. What a money and time saver!”

– Trinchero Family Estates

Amazing Customer Service:

“Absolutely Amazing Service!!! Every Time, whether calling in for information or in person and the Store I’ve experienced Absolutely Amazing Service!!! Truly appreciate my interactions with All Staff @ Hotsy Pacfic!!! Thank You again for setting up all equipment needs!!!”

S. Peddy

Excellent Service and Care:

“Parts washer is working better than ever. Great service and all my concerns were taking care of as well as some I didn’t know I had. Thanks guys!”

S. Carvalho

McClane Company Inc.  – Delivering on the DOTs

McLane Company, Inc. is one of the largest supply chain services leaders, providing grocery and foodservice supply chain solutions for convenience stores. They contacted us for help in finding the best sanitizing solution to comply with DOT environment regulations.

Our sales representative recommended the Hotsy 943N, part of the Hotsy 900-1400 series of electric powered stationary hot water pressure washers that are loaded with innovative features for effective industrial cleaning, including a natural gas-fired heater.  McClane now uses this pressure washer to clean trailers that big rigs pull to transport product.

Bay Area Sanitation – Keeping It Clean

Bay Area Sanitation has been providing portable sanitation throughout the greater Bay Area for over 100 years. A customer of Pacific Bay Equipment since April 2023, they rely on us to service and maintain their Hotsy1075SSE hot water pressure washer that is essential for efficiently sanitizing and cleaning their equipment and portable units. The Hotsy 1075SSE (part of the Gas Engine Roll Cage series) is an industrial cleaning powerhouse, delivering exceptional cleaning power, durability, and user-friendly design.

Pacific States Petroleum – Maintaining Workplace Cleanliness & Safety

Pacific States Petroleum, which provides 24/7 on-site fuel delivery throughout California, was in the market for an industrial pressure washer, as their old one was tired. Our PBE team member met with them and toured the facility to evaluate the environment and make product recommendations. 

He observed that they have an in-house repair shop and do lots of repairs, and recommended a Cuda parts washer to clean and sanitize parts and to conserve on water. It would also keep their facility cleaner, and reduce risk of chemical exposure to employees, by having these parts washed in an enclosed environment.

We also were able to repair their existing pressure washer, saving them money.  And at our recommendation to improve vehicle cleanliness and safety, they purchased an all-electric Hotsy 560 SS pressure washer to power off oil from their fleet of delivery vehicles to maintaining cleanliness and safety. 

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