Industrial Equipment Rentals

Industrial equipment rentals can help save you money.

When you don’t need equipment year ‘round, our industrial equipment rental program gives you access to what you need only when you need it. Plus for those times you need back-up equipment, our rental program minimizes down time.

We rent a variety of industrial equipment to help you keep your company running smoothly and save you time and money. Rentals are ideal when you:

  • Only need equipment periodically vs. year ‘round
  • Want to stretch your budget further
  • Need to fulfill a short-term contract or project
  • Want to have quick access to a backup machine if something goes “down”

Industrial Equipment Rentals include


$860/500LB TOTE
$1.72/LB 300LB MIN

Dry Ice Pellets

Optima 110 volt – diesel burner – 0.2 GPM 100 PSI

Steam Generator

1260, 1290SSG 5.6 GPM 3000 PSI
Honda Engine – electric start – diesel burner

Portable Hot Water Pressure Washing System

1075SSE 3.8 GPM 3500 PSI
Gas Engine/ Diesel Fired

Gas Engine – Hot Water Pressure Washer

555SS, 560SS 2.1 GPM 1500 PSI
120v /Diesel Fired Burner

Electric Motor Portable – Hot Water Pressure Washer

HD, DB, DA 3.8 GPM 3500 PSI
Honda Engine – pull start

Gas Engine Portable – Cold Water Pressure Washer

1700 Series 3.9 GPM 2000 PSI
110 volt

Electric Stationary – Cold Water Pressure Washer

surface cleaner

Attaches to pressure washer and pricing is based on renting pressure washer at same time. Price for renting only the surface cleaner is $80 per day, $170 per week and $450 per month.

Surface Cleaner

110v – Requires min 150 cfm compressed air to operate

Dry Ice Blaster

12″ brush 3 gallon fresh/waste water capacity

Floor Scrubber – 12″ Brush

22″ brush 11 gallon fresh/waste water capacity

Floor Scrubber – 22″ Brush

Contact our Service Center for availability and rates

We’re comparably priced and provide a much higher quality of equipment than the big box rental stores. If you have a unique job to tackle, let us put together a solution for you. We also carry Used Equipment for Sale.

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