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Coastal Enviro-Solutions – Santa Rosa, California

Coastal Enviro-Solutions provides grease management services, indoor air quality management, sanitizing and disinfecting services and power washing services. Owner Joe Baribeau contacted us requesting some help with designing a pressure washing system for his company’s van.

Joe’s principal concern was that this van does many cleaning jobs in San Francisco where his crew will park the van on the street and have cleaning jobs a few story’s up, thus leaving the van and equipment unattended. How could we help him secure it?

We designed a layout where the van can be locked or blocked by the equipment due to placement. We installed a hot water Hotsy pressure washer model number 1075SSE that is 4 GPM @ 3500 PSI with electric start that blocks in the side slide door. We then removed, rewired and relocated all the burner controls to the opposite side of the machine, which gave their technician access from the outside (curbside).

The van has a padlock locking clip on the back doors. We installed a stacking hose reel system that allows Joe’s crew to pull out the hose they’re using through a 2” gap we put in it, and then close and lock the doors with a chain and padlock. The bottom hose reel is a Hannay electric high pressure hose reel that can house up to 100 feet of 3/8” hose and is powered by the battery on the Hotsy pressure washer’s battery. The upper hose reel is a manual crank reel that houses 50 feet of ¾” garden hose and is plumbed directly to the Hotsy 1075SSE. When the technician pulls up to a job site, they just have to pull the garden hose off the reel and hook it up to a spigot; no need to get in the van and connect it to the pressure washer.

Most importantly, they can focus on doing a top quality job without worrying about the van’s being secure.

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