Why switching to electric and battery-powered equipment pressure washers means Safety, Savings and Sustainability

Equipment that reduces or eliminates emissions has been front and center across many industries, and is driving the change to electric and battery-powered industrial equipment. But the misconceptions about the performance about using these technologies are holding many companies back. Here’s what you need to know about these eco-friendly options when it comes to industrial cleaning pressure washer equipment.

Advantages of Industrial Electric and Battery Powered Pressure Washers

You GetElectricBatteryAdvantagesPlus
Zero or Reduced Exhaust EmissionsImproved Worker Safety +  Benefits the environmentCan be safely used both indoors and outdoors.
Low MaintenanceImproved Productivity + Cost SavingsGenerally require less upkeep, providing a hassle-free solution.
Quieter OperationReduced Noise Pollution for more versatile usageLess noisy compared to gas or diesel options, ideal for noise-sensitive environments.
Unlimited or Extended Run-TimeContinuous Operation & Time SavingsNot limited by gas tank size so cleaning tasks can be completed without interruptions.
Same or more PowerNo sacrifice of cleaning qualityWith hot and cold water options for all cleaning needs.
Cordless ConvenienceUnlimited Mobility + Expanded ProductivityFreedom to clean; can move seamlessly around job sites without restrictions.

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