Now you can Power-Steam your wine tanks in minutes, not hours

No matter what their size, cleaning and effectively sterilizing wine tanks often consumes lots of time, plus a struggle to get the internal temperature up to the required 212 degrees necessary to kill bacteria and other microorganisms, the presence of which can spoil wine.

What if you could clean and sterilize a 16,000 gallon wine tank in under 30 minutes? Would that get your attention? Now you can.

Enter the next step in steam cleaning

It’s all about more power. While standard steam cleaners and steamers somewhat reduce the amount of cleaning time vs. pressure washers, many struggle to produce hot enough steam to sterilize a tank.

Steam generators, like the Sioux’s Steam Steam-Flo® Generator, are powerful enough to not only quickly remove organic and inorganic contaminants to a level where they are no longer a threat, but can rapidly raise a tank’s interior temperature to achieve effective sterilization.

  • Sanitize and sterilize winery tanks in minutes
    The Sioux produces 370-3450 pounds per hour of continuous saturated steam in minutes to eliminate hazardous mold, fungus and bacteria as well as removing debris build-up. 
  • Reduce water and electricity
    Enjoy significant cost reductions from reduced water usage and electricity consumption.  

Let us prove the concept at no cost to you. 

Contact us for a FREE demonstration. We’ll schedule a visit to come out to your winery so you can see for yourself the power of the next step in steam. 

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