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Since 1989, Don’s RV Center in Modesto has been selling new and pre-owned RVs throughout Northern California. With thousands of customers who trust and depend upon them, they need their equipment to function efficiently and effectively.

Pacific Bay Equipment has been doing business with Don’s RV since 2005, including sales and servicing of a variety of equipment. They reached out to us because their compressor, which they use to operate their pneumatic tools, wasn’t doing the job. They were using single compressor to run a building of 3 bay doors. But it was unable to produce enough CFM (cubic feet per minute) to support multiple end users, causing slowdowns and delays, and costing time and money.

We carry a variety of industrial compressors to serve our customers’ needs, and after assessing Don RV’s situation, recommended a Mi-T-M Industrial 2 Stage Electric Simplex Compressor that had the capacity to support multiple users at various drops. The result? Before, they were only able to have one user at a time running their old compressor. Now they are able to have 6.

Delco Compressor
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