Free 25-Point Maintenance Inspection – a $199 value!

Keep it running right! You can save time & money by keeping your cleaning & sanitizing pressure washer equipment running smoothly.

Our Free 25 point inspection is for both infield and in-shop.  Please note that for outside service, the free inspection will only be scheduled when we have another service call in the area.

25-POINT Scheduled Maintenance Checklist

What’s included*:

  1. Check engine RPM or motor amperage
  2. Check pump oil condition
  3. Check pump oil levels; add or change oil as needed
  4. Check pump for proper operation and inspect for leaks
  5. Check engine oil condition
  6. Check engine oil level, add or change oil as needed
  7. Inspect engine oil filter
  8. Check drive belts for tension and wear; adjust
  9. Ensure belt guards are in place
  10. Check pressure and temperature levels; adjust
  11. Check coil for soot deposits and lime build up
  12. Check nozzles for damage or wear
  13. Check hoses for breaks or leaks
  14. Inspect trigger gun and wand
  15. Check couplers for O-ring wear and coupler damage; replace O-rings, if needed
  16. Inspect & lubricate quick disconnects
  17. Check burner for proper operation; adjust air and electrodes as needed
  18. Inspect burner fuel filter
  19. Test unloader valve for excessive wear
  20. Clear or replace inlet water filter
  21. Inspect electric outlet, cord and voltage
  22. Check pulley alignment, adjust
  23. Check detergent / chemical suction
  24. Check insulation for hot spots
  25. Check electrical switches

*Note: Some restrictions may apply. Call or Contact Us for more information.

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