Expert Insights – July 2023

Soil Steaming: the Secret everybody’s talking about

Looking for safe and organic solutions to control diseases, insects, weeds, and contaminants?

Look no further than steam. From vineyards and orchards, to greenhouses and nurseries, soil steaming is an ideal method that can be used not only to pasteurize the soil, but it’s the perfect solution for greenhouse and stock growing operations!

Nobody needs harmful pathogens, insects, fungi or more destroying their plants and hurting revenue. Steam to the rescue!

Steaming can be used with containers such as pots, benches, trays and other growing media, including substrates such as straw, coco coir, vermiculite, and manure.  Not only is steam much less hazardous than chemical applications, it frees up labor for more productive activities, gets your plants into healthier soil faster, and can help improve your overall yield.

Did you know? Mushroom substrates must be sterilized. The sterilization process kills off any competing mold or bacteria and gives mushrooms the best chance at taking hold as they start their growing cycle.

A low pressure steam generator, such as the Sioux Steam-Flo® steam generator,  is the ideal steamer for soil and container steaming in commercial greenhouses and stock growing operations. With steam you can remove:

  • harmful pathogens
  • weed seeds
  • nematodes
  • contaminants
  • water molds
  • fungi
  • plant viruses
  • & more!

Industrial soil steaming also reinvigorates and enables you to reuse your potting soil and media, saving you money.

Plus you can plant faster, as soon as steam-treated soil cools down.

Want to learn more about how you can use steam in your commercial growing operations? Contact our experts to discuss your specific greenhouse steaming needs and invite us out for a free demonstration.

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