A creative water treatment recycle solution

E&J Gallo Snow’s Lake Vineyard – Lower Lake, CA

We were contacted by E&J Gallo Snow’s Lake Vineyard and informed that they had been shut down by county officials from not discharging water correctly and were in dire need of a water recycle system that would make them compliant with area water regulations and enable them to return to washing their farming equipment.

After completing a site inspection, we determined a mechanical water recycle system with a closed loop would be their best option, and assisted designed a custom designed system. We installed a 600 gallon pretreatment solids separator tank known as a Universal Clarifier (CLT-600) which separates the solids and allows the water to flow to an Index polishing filter (IPF), which in turn filters the water from solids down to 50 Micron and that feeds water to the Mechanical filtration water treatment system (CLP).

The CLP-7034 and 5024 are totally automated wash water recycling systems and use a digital sequencer to monitor and control the filtering, recirculating, filter back washing and sludge dumping functions.

Being this is a closed loop system the water being sprayed on the wash pad from the Hot water pressure washer then enters the drain trough that feeds to the sump pit that then feeds the CLT-600 pre- treatment tank thus creating a complete closed loop. This custom-designed solution worked perfectly for our customer.

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