Water Maze CLT-300 Modular Clarifier System Base

  • Can be used as a pre-treatment, post-treatment or as a stand-alone water treatment system.
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The CLT-300 is an above-ground, cone-bottom tank used to enhance existing pit water treatment systems that may be too small or do not provide adequate pre-treatment. With its 300-gallon capacity, this cone-bottom tank can provide lower clean-out maintenance costs compared to many in-ground pit systems.


  • Ideal for oil/water separation.
  • Utilizes cross-linked polyethylene cone-bottom tanks with steep, 55-degree slopes for maximum solids separation.
  • Each tank has a full open top with removable lid and includes heavy duty metal stand with cradle.
  • These base models are also incorporated into other Water Maze clarifier models and can be an economical alternative to expensive pit water treatment system reconstruction costs.