Steamericas Optima Steamer Pneumatic Conveyor Belt Cleaning Tool

  • Designed for food processing plants and factories with conveyor belt systems that need to be cleaned and sanitized.
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Traditional methods of cleaning involve usage of messy, contamination spreading power washers or hours of manpower that never truly get the conveyor belts clean. This pneumatic-driven steam jet carefully, and precisely cleans and sanitizes belts up to 48” as they run, eliminating the need for stopping the belts. Paired up with the proven sanitizing power of the Optima Steamer™ SEII, your conveyor belts will be cleaned with little to no waste-water, no overspray, and with no harsh chemicals.


  • Temperature: Dry steam reaches temperatures well above 212°F, water’s boiling point and what makes it a gas.
  • Waste Water / Run-Off: Dry steam is a gas and has far fewer water molecules, producing little to NO wastewater, perfect for dry clean facilities.
  • Surface Penetration: Dry steam, being gas, can penetrate surfaces quicker and further, delivering sanitizing temperatures deeper and faster. 3rd party pathogen testing lab results are available.
  • Belt type: Stainless Steel Wire, Mesh, Honeycomb
  • Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Air Inlet: Standard Quick Plug