Steamericas Optima Steamer SE-II

  • Designed for industrial use.
  • All-electric dry steam generator.
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Save money, get rid of harmful chemicals, reduce water consumption and cut wastewater. This is the next step in dry steam technology, blending unmatched power and performance with simplified operation. Stainless steel body all-electric steam generator produces powerful dry steam for industrial sanitization that delivers dry, superheated steam continuously at a rate of up to 129 LBS/HR for food processing and various manufacturing needs. Superheated steam is lab-tested to kill mold, bacteria and viruses using only water.


  • Operates on 3-phase electric power
  • Available in 3 models based: 18K (18000 watt), 27K (27000 watt) and 42K (42000 watt) | ASME compliant models are also available.
  • CPU and LCD monitor make operation and maintenance simple. No clumsy touchscreen or complicated controls–turn it on and you’re steaming.
  • Intelligently designed to with over 20 safety features be operated by almost anyone.