Sioux Steam-Flo Low-Pressure Steam Generator Series

  • Electric-powered portable or stationary low-pressure industrial steam generator  
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The perfect source of low-pressure steam for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Can be used in place of a conventional boiler for low-pressure applications. These industrial steam generators produce 370-3450 pounds per hour of saturated steam in minutes. Available in portable or stationary models. Because of its portability, the Steam-Flo industrial steam generator is excellent for use in overflow production and outlying areas.


  • All models are electric-powered with fuel options of Diesel, LP and NG
  • 115v-230v I Provides continuous, unlimited steam.
  • Skid or leg mount units are available for stationary applications.
  • Open or enclosed trailer units for mobile applications.
  • Easy to maintain and built to last.
  • Can be outfitted with an optional water tank and generator for completely self-contained operation.