Karcher Clean Wave Deluxe Battery-Powered Mobile Cold Water Pressure Washer

  • Zero emissions
  • Battery-powered, cordless


The emission-free HDS-E 3.5/40 BP battery powered cold water pressure washer features a lithium-ion battery that requires zero maintenance and provides 3,000 charge cycles. Saves approximately $5,000 in fuel costs annually when compared to gas-powered pressure washer usage against annual cost of electricity to fully charge the batteries Models are ETL certified to UL & CSA safety standards.

Contact us to discuss your cleaning needs and your budget and we’ll help you select the right equipment and configuration.


  • 90 minute runtime (240 in ECO setting mode)
  • Direct drive triplex crankshaft pump
  • 3.5 GPM (2.0 in ECO mode) |4000 PSI (2000 in ECO mode)
  • Lithium battery |72 volts |10 hour full charge cycles
  • EASY!Force gun with cruise control like technology – uses its own recoil force to hold the trigger down – so, no more sore hands after hours of use