Hotsy Gas Engine Belt-Drive Series – Portable / Stationary Gas/Diesel Hot Water Pressure Washers

  • Gas/diesel powered.
  • All-electric start.
  • 3000-3500 PSI / 3-4.6 GPM flow rate.
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Hotsy Belt Drive Gas Engine pressure washer models are versatile; convert the standard trailer mount unit into a portable unit with 2 wheels/2 casters, a 4 wheel kit with flat-free tires or a skid unit for moving by forklift. Features electric belt-drive pump which operate more smoothly, as the belts act as a dampener for vibrations and pressure spikes. Protective heavy-duty roll-cage chassis. Easy-to-use control box with adjustable temperature control lighted burner On/Off switch and hour meter.

Contact us to discuss your cleaning needs and budget and we’ll help you select the right equipment and configuration.


  • 3000–3500 PSI | Hotsy Triplex Pump with 7-year warranty
  • CARB - California Air Resources Board Verified
  • 8-gallon, removable fuel tank has fuel gauge in cap
  • Lifting eyes let power equipment do the hoisting
  • Protective heavy-duty roll-cage chassis
  • 50-ft wire-braided high pressure hose with swivel on one end
  • Hotsy DC oil-fired burner