Carbo-Chlor – Concentrated Biodegradable Detergent

  • Chlorinated.
  • Highly concentrated. Biodegradable.
  • USDA & Kosher approved.
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A special emulsifying formula with high powered bleach for food processing plants, food and beverage production environment, and cannabis growing environments. Excellent on tough odors, stains, dirt, oils and fats left behind on equipment, floors and walls. Chlorinated for extra punch.


  • Highly concentrated | Dilution ratio of 60:1 | High Foaming action
  • Fully biodegradable and contains no caustic soda (sodium hydroxide)
  • High-quality detergents | Specially designed for pressure washers | Designed for high temperature cleaning
  • Hotsy’s exclusive Continuous Clean Additive (HCC) protects your pressure washer